Hard to believe, but the very first official Linda Ronstadt live album is set for release on February 1st on both CD and vinyl. Live In Hollywood features a dozen classic tracks recorded on April 24th, 1980 during Ronstadt's performance at L.A.'s Television Center Studios for her famed HBO special. Highlights on the set include such favorites as "Blue Bayou," "Poor Poor Pitiful Me," "It's So Easy" "You're No Good" -- along with a sampling of Ronstadt then-recent new wave-tinged Mad Love album, featuring "I Can't Let Go," "How Do I Make You" and "Hurt So Bad."

Backing Ronstadt on the show are guitarists Kenny Edwards and Danny Kortchmar, drummer Russ Kunkel, bassist Bob Glaub, keyboardist Billy Payne of Little Feat, pedal steel guitarist Dan Dugmore, and backing vocalist Wendy Waldman. Also appearing is Peter Asher -- Ronstadt's longtime manager and producer -- who supplied percussion and backing vocals.

Linda Ronstadt recently told us that while writing her recent memoir, Simple Dreams, she was able to talk frankly about her contributions to the pop and rock world: "I got to give myself a little bit of a break. I always thought I didn't sing very well and I was always very frustrated by it and I was always sort of disappointed by it, y'know? And everything I did always fell short of my expectations and then I see when looking back, that it takes 10 years to learn to do anything pretty well. It really takes 10 years, y'know? If you talk to a sushi chef, they'll tell you it's 10 years of working before they allow you to become a sushi chef. So, in singing, it's probably even harder than that. The good news; I wasn't very good when I started, but the good news is I got better. Y'know, I didn't become the greatest singer in all of pop music, but I became, at least for my time, the most (laughs) diverse, y'know?"