Lindsey Buckingham made his first live perform on Saturday (May 18th) since undergoing open-heart surgery back in February. Buckingham's wife, Kristen, posted videos on Instagram of a healthy, tanned and fit looking Buckingham playing guitar at their daughter Leelee's final high school concert, where the chorus sang Fleetwood Mac's 1975 Stevie Nicks classic “Landslide” — with Leelee taking the solo vocal.

Kristen posted a couple of clips on Instagram and wrote: “Last night was epic. First time I’ve seen Lindsey play in the last 4 mos, all the while Leelee ending her high school career. AND she sings a little Landslide with her dad. I cried, I’ll admit it. Never know what’s ahead so enjoy the moment. . .”

A while back, Lindsey Buckingham admitted to us that having a happy and stable family life has centered him — especially when it comes to his music: “I actually saw a lot of my friends who were parents, or were spouses, who were not really there for their families back then (and I) did not want to be one of those people. And the fact that I was lucky enough to meet someone and was able to have children relatively late after all of that other garbage was out of the way, y'know, it's been a great gift. Y'know, you could talk about the balance between the big machine and Fleetwood Mac and the small machine of solo work and how those two things feed off each other and support each other — and you can also talk about the balance between a creative life and a family life.”