I still have a love hate relationship with social media and recently the hate aspect has been winning to the point I came close to taking time off.

My problem is still the same the lack of respect some people give to those who have a different opinion.  I am not talking about an action but an opinion.

Recently I was enjoying a thread that was informative and it was respectful of two friends with different views on a subject in today’s headlines.  How refreshing it was to see these two who did not know each other take time to state their views and do it with respect.   They even thanked each other for the debate.

That is the way it is supposed to happen.  However, in today’s politics and climate resort to a debate I cannot and will not take a part in.   The name calling and bullying that often takes place is disgusting to me.

So, I was pleased Monday afternoon when my former co-worker and friend Dave Fannin posted a getting to know you item.   I did one myself and was pleased to read those of friends.

Today I share it with but will add some details on certain items about my life.    I think it would be fun to sit down with family members and do this as part of a family gathering and share stories.

Facebook is supposed to be social and fun, so let’s learn about each other, copy this then go to your page and paste, filling in your own answers.

Driven 100 mph – Yes- it was on a Christmas morning near Milan Tn.  No traffic on a straight piece of highway and I opened up my 69 Leman’s.   I slowed down and got to the speed limit and passed a speed trap.  If the policeman would have been a mile closer???  Merry Christmas to me

Ridden in a helicopter- yes,  in Missouri as a radio station promotion to bring Santa to  a shopping center  we lifted off  and almost  immediately it got very foggy  and we almost hit a grain silo  and  dodged power lines.    When we landed the pilot threw up     Me, I just changed my pants.

Gone zip lining – No

Been to an NFL game – Yes in LA and St Louis, I even attended the last Cardinal game before the move to Arizona

Been to Canada – Yes

Visited Florida – No

Visited Mexico – Yes, on our honeymoon cruise we walked along to dock but did not go any further

Visited Vegas – Yes, Yes, Yes, I prefer Laughlin Nevada, but Vegas is KOOL

Eaten alone at a restaurant – Yes

Ability to read music – No—I did take trumpet in school but reading music is not a talent I remember

Ridden a motorcycle – No, my father before he died told my mother not to let me ride one.  I have thought about it, but I honor my late father’s wishes

Ridden a horse – Yes, a long time ago and the dang animal stepped on my foot

Donated blood- No

Been snow skiing – no, I would have wanted to when I was younger but didn’t have insurance and as clumsy as I am….

Been to Disney World- NOPE I stayed in a hotel outside of Disney land and watched the fireworks show but the next day we drove to the adult Disney land VEGAS

Slept outside – Yes

Driven a stick shift – Yes poorly

Ridden in an 18-wheeler – No

Ridden in a police car- Yes, once as a kid I was trespassing by swimming in a private lake and several times as an adult as a ride- a -long

Driven a boat – No


Run out of gas – Yes, I was turning in to the station to fill up and ran out of gas 15 feet from the pump

Been on TV -yes and have been in a couple of commercials in TN and in Baton Rouge

Eaten Sushi – yes, I would eat it again.  The raw stuff I don’t think I would.

Been to Alaska – No I would love to go

Been to Hawaii – No

Seen a UFO – Yes.  Late one night on the highway between Idaho Falls and Rexburg, I saw three white pillars take off in the distance and they vanished about 100 feet in the air.   It was spooky, NO I WAS NOT DRUNK!   I don’t drink so there

Been to Europe – No, I really would rather see sights here in the U.S.

That’s a little bit more about me.  I share this kind of thing with you because I want you to think of me as friend, someone who loves life and has ups and downs just like you.  I love my job so much that sometimes it feels more like play time.

Today we talked Star Wars

Stupid news

Laff lines