Steve Van Zandt has just announced the release of a Blu-ray and seven-LP vinyl version of his just released triple-disc Soulfire LIVE! CD. Rolling Stone reported that along with the material culled from Van Zandt's 2017 European tour, the new version due out later this year will also include Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul's Beatles covers show at Liverpool's Cavern Club, which featured the band tackling such “Fab Four” classics as “Magical Mystery Tour,” “Got To Get You Into My Life” and “All You Need Is Love,” as well as the early-favorites “Boys,” “Soldier Of Love,” and “Some Other Guy.” The set also includes Paul McCartney's London duet with Van Zandt on “I Saw Her Standing There.”

Among other highlights on the collection — which is now available for pre-order — are Richie Sambora tackling Marvin Gaye's “Can I Get A Witness” and Bruce Springsteen on “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” and “I Don’t Want To Go Home.”

Steve Van Zandt told us that he's always considered himself successful in music because he's spent his career making exactly the kind of music he loves: “In this business, the truth is you’re either big or you don’t exist, pretty much. There’s very little in the middle. So, I basically found another way to make a living, which is what I always wanted to do, and put out records and whoever buys ’em, buys ’em. It doesn’t matter how many people buy ’em, y'know?”

Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul are heading out on to tour in October in support of TeachRock, “the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation's national initiative to bring music curriculum into middle and high schools across the country.”