It was April 18th 1938 and a strange visitor from another planet appeared on newsstands everywhere and our lives have never been the same.

Action Comic’s # 1 brought us the story of Superman.  Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.  Movies about the Man of Steel have grossed more than two and a half billion dollars.

If you happened to come across Action Comics #1 you might be set for life.   In 2014 one sold from three million dollars.

Superman was my 1st super hero.   I used to get up early on Saturday mornings because the George Reeves version of the man from Krypton was on.    I was hooked, tying towels around my neck and making swishing sounds to fly around my yard, I WAS SUPERMAN.

Batman is my favorite hero now and Superman is a close second.  When The Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel team up I am a geek.  World’s Finest, the Justice League put Superman and Batman in the same comic ORor movie and I am one happy man

I have even visited Metropolis! ——-  Metropolis Illinois the home of Superman.  My cousin Randall and I left his sister’s wedding reception to make the round trip.  We figured that no one would miss us.  We were almost right.

On our way the fog started to set in and while crossing the Ohio River Bridge the visibility was almost zero.  Until we saw the Semi truck in our lane of traffic.  Luckily we did not crash or I might not be here today.   But I had to check my pants on the other side of the bridge.

We made it safely to Metropolis and saw the water tower with Superman on it.  Got a copy of the Daily Planet, yeah they had a Daily Planet.  But one thing I really remember were the Stop Signs.  Every stop sign had a Superman cut out on top holding out one hand reminding you to stop.  I would bet those didn’t last long with all the souvenir hunters out there.   NO, I DID NOT GET ONE!

I geeked out when the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie came out and the phrase ‘YOU WILL BELIVE A MAN CAN FLY” is burned in my memory.

Surprisingly enough I liked but did not love the Superman movies.   I saw everyone but there was just something missing to me and one thing that bugged me, Marlon Brando.  He portrayed Joerl El, Still to this day his delivery of lines and his acting looked like he was acting!   However Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor was awesome.  I did see every movie and enjoyed but did not love them.

Today I still enjoy a Superman story. But the romance of Superman and Wonder woman in the comics is well SUPER!

My wife who is an avid reader told me about a man name Brad Meltzer who had written a novel not about Superman but a story that tied in the creators into a spy novel the book is called “BOOK OF LIES” and it is a fun read!

Meltzer also writes children’s books and has written stories for comic books. His 1st GREN ARROW: THE ARCHERS QUEST!  Other comics include, IDENTIY CRISIS, THE JUST LEAUGE OF AMERICA and even BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!

One of my favorite Mad Magazine parodies was the story of SUPERMAN.  The story started with this “Look up in the sky! It’s a Gooney Bird.  It’s a Jefferson Airplane!  No it’s just Stooperman.   I was really hoping it was a Gooney Bird”.

The SYFY channel has a new show called “Krypton” it is a story about Superman Grandfather Years before the tiny spaceship left the planet.  It is really good

So Happy Birthday Superman and stay from Lois Lane, you are in love with Wonder woman now..

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