Superman!  To say he has been a Super part of my life would be a Super understatement.   I just wish they would have had underoos when I was a kid.

Some of my earliest memories involve The Man of Steel.

Every Saturday morning at 6:30am The Adventures of Superman staring George Reeves was shown on a Memphis TV station.  My inner Super alarm clock would wake me up so I could sneak into the living room and turn on the Super black and white TV and turn the volume Super low and watch as Superman had bullets bounce of his chest and dodge the guns the bad guys would throw at him.

Superman has had several movies and TV series and I have watched them all.  If it had that S, I was watching. Then there are the movies.  Here is where I might lose some Superman fans.

I was kind of disappointed in the Christopher Reeves Superman movies!  There I said it, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them.  Christopher Reeves made a great Superman and Gene Hackman was incredible as Lex.  The first Superman movie had one flaw that followed them in other movies.  Marlon Brando! I just have never enjoyed him in anything.  My personal opinion but every time they showed him or used his voice I just cringed.

Then there was the artistic license the movies took.  In Superman two in the fortress of Solitude the transporting power from one point to the other, WHAT?

Then there was THE KISS!  In Superman 2 Lois Lane found out Clark was Superman but she lost that memory with a SUPER KISS WHAT?  Just didn’t make since.

I went to see that film with my cousin, another Superman fan and when the SUPER KISS happened I heard him say very loudly ‘GIVE ME A BREAK”

So about that cousin of mine.   He is the one that got me hooked on Comic Books and superheros.   Then there was the time we both almost got killed.

We were supposed to be at a Wedding reception of his sister but decided to leave to drive from Paris TN to Metropolis…. Yes there is a Metropolis in Illinois across the Ohio River from Paducah KY.  As we cross the bridge the fog was so thick that you could barely see.  I was hanging out the passenger side tell him how close to the edge he was when we heard a horn.  A BIG HORN from a semi that was heading straight for us!   It was close but we survived and had to check our underwear on the other side of the bridge.

The was SUPER scary.

My favorite Superman stories are the ones with the Justice League or with a team up with Batman.

When the movie Batman v Superman came out I was in the hospital recovering from a knee replacement surgery.  It took me several months before I got to see the movie.

Now I know the critics and a lot of people didn’t like the movie.   I did, I have watched about 10 times over the years and I enjoy it every time.

One more Superman story involves MAD MAGAZINE.  In a parody of the first Superman movie with a great parody of the opening of the old TV show


I always wanted to be Superman but I found my Kryptonite.   Getting older!  But I am still able to be faster than a turtle… able to leap anything that is not taller than an inch off the floor … Bend a Tootsie Roll with my bare hands.  In my disguise as an overweight morning radio host I fight for Truth Justice and the American way.  And a SUPER NAP

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