January 2nd can really be depressing.  The holidays are over and there are very few things to look forward too.  It’s cold, we have inversion and dang we have to go back to work and school.  Did I mention it is cold?

“Sigh” it can be depressing on January 2nd.

Well I Dave Denton will try to bring a little hope a little joy to our worlds.  How?  Heck I don’t know,

There are some positives to January 2nd.

We actually have snow on the ground.  Winter sports lovers didn’t get much to play with last year.

The final season of Gotham begins this week, I will be depressed after that.

Sitting by a warm fire place is nice.

There are a few little holidays to that we can look forward to in January that can take some of the doldrums’ away.  Like tomorrow January 3rd is Women Rock day.

Friday is Spaghetti day

January 7th is Old Rock Day.  “As donkey said in Shriek.  “That’s a nice bolder, I love what you have done with that bolder.

I can’t wait for January 9th because it will be National Static electricity day (I am already rubbing my shoes on the carpet in anticipation)

January 17th is National ditch your New year Resolutions day.  Let’s meet at an ice cream store

January 22 is hot sauce day

And a Holiday that I am really looking forward to is Sunday January 27th.  CHOCALATE CAKE DAY!  There are so many variations you can go with.  My personal favorite Yellow Cake with Chocolate frosting.

So today January 2nd can really be a downer but having something to look forward to help.

By the way don’t tell Aaronee about the Static Electricity day.  I have something special for her that day!!!!!!!

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