“I guess there are still gentlemen in this world”   A very nice lady said that to me on Tuesday when I held the door open for her as I was exiting and she was entering a bank.

Has our society forgotten how to be polite?   I really don’t think so.   As this nice lady complimented me for being a Gentleman I was saying to myself like Bugs Bunny “She don’t know me very well now do she”.  I say that as a joke because I want to be a gentleman.

When I was at Ricks College I had a different experience.   The women’s movement was in full force with one young lady and when I was trying to be polite by opening the door for her to come into the building she tore into me like I tear into a Bacon Buffet.  She said I don’t need a man to hold the door for me I can open my on doors”   I said fine and closed the door and held onto it so she couldn’t open it!  As she went to the next door I followed and held it to.  She started screaming at me, so I opened to door and informed her I was just trying to be polite and that I would hold the door for any man or woman I wanted too, because it is polite.  I am not sure I made my point or not but I do hold doors for me and women to this day and I see it happening everywhere.

I have had men and women hold a door for me.  I love it, it shows most people are not jerks and try to be polite.   I also hear thank you and please being used.   I would wish some of the current generation would use these words more often.

I am not perfect, a few weeks ago I felt like a jerk when at a local restaurant I did not hole a door just because I was not paying attention to what was going on.  As I barreled out the door I heard my wife in a very polite voice offer to help the people I had ignored.  Including a woman who was on crutches.   My ego shrunk AA I apologized to the couple.  I hope I learned a lesson that day.

I was taught to say please and thank you and to address people as Sir and Mam.   My wife has told me that she had to get used to me saying yes mam to her after we got married.  I told her it was the way I was brought up.   So now when she asks me question I will say “YES MAM” but to funny sometimes I will just say “Yep “or” Maybe so Maybe so”

I might try to be polite but I am also a Smart ***

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