April fools is April 1st well today is March 11th and I am here to tell you March fools us all month long.

Think about it during the month of March this is true “If you don’t like the weather …..Wait”

The month of march is a real mixed bag, This past Saturday after doing some chores my wife, my mother in law and I went out for lunch knowing that there could be a wait and there was a short one but we got to the restaurant just in time not 5 minutes after we arrived the line was out the door.

After getting seated I noted what a beautiful day it was…  MARCH FOOLS in just a few minutes it was snowing those huge Mach snowflakes.  MARCH FOOLS …. The snow lasted about 5 minutes then it was sunny and nice.

March weather can drive me crazy and not just here in Northern Utah.  Where I grew up in the south you kind of dreaded march because it was Tornado season.

The tornado’s that hit Alabama last week brought back some of those memories.  When you live in tornado alley you get used to it ….NO. At least you shouldn’t but you kind of do.

Thunder storm waring and alert are common in Tornado Alley so you take them with a grain of salt.  You say Dave that is crazy those storms can kill you.  You have a point but put this in Dave’s matter of Perspective.

Last week we had a major winter storm that caused some of the worst driving conditions of the winter through Sardine Canyon.  Here I was on the radio telling people to slow down and only drive through the canyon with 4 wheel drive or chains.  Did the amount of traffic or the speed really decrease… not by much.  Why?  We are used to it.

The people of Tornado Alley are used to it!

Here are two stories to make my point.

We all remember the tornado that hit downtown Salt Lake City.  Dangerous and potential a very dangerous situation, you bet.   That was in August in Salt lake and here we are in Logan with some really bad weather and the phone was ringing off the hook with people telling us that they had heard the Tornado was back on the ground and heading through Sardine Canyon.  The person was serious and scared to death, why? Tornados don’t happen here very often here in Northern Utah.  They can and do but my reaction is different than most because I am used to it.

Story number two comes from when I worked in Paris TN and a major winter storm system was coming our way and in was early March.  We at the radio station sounded the alarm that the National weather station was warning everyone to stock up on fuel and food.    The storm was a bad one with about 18 inches of snow.   The local newspaper the next day had a picture of empty shelfs with a headline of WTPR (the radio station I was at) sounds the alarm and people listened.

So don’t let March fool you anything can happen.

Actually as far as snow goes it was June 12th of 2002 and I had a Dr Appointment in Salt Lake that day.  I woke up looked out the window and what did I see?  It was any kind of popcorn on an apricot tree.  It was snowing and snowing heavy.   We drove from Logan to U of U hospital in snow and they had plows out at the hospital.

I guess the saying is true “


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