Let the Madness Begin!  It is time for the College basketball tournament to decide who the best team in the land is.   At offices everywhere productivity will go down because so many people will be watching to see if they picked in early game upsets so they can brag to the friends about.  “Yeah, I watch a lot of hoops and I noticed that they were playing well going into the tournament so I just knew they were going to win that game”  the truth is “ I took and shot”

Over the years I have enjoyed watching the tournament and at times just threw my hands up is disgust.   Here are just a few memories of March Madness

The 1st time I heard Dick Vitale doing his commentary I told my friends he needed to take some valium. (True story)

While growing up my best friend Wayne and I would call each other during the Memphis State run to the championship game against UCLA and losing in the title game.  Bill Walton had a great game to lead the Bruins to the win but I still contend he should have been kicked out of the game in th4e 2nd half.  Walton had a Technical on him when he was called for another when he dunked a ball, at the time the dunk was not legal but because of some quirk in the rules Walton was not disqualified and to say I am bitter is well YES I AM BITTER!

I also remember watching the North Carolina Tar heels win with a young Michael Jordan playing and as was our tradition Wayne and I were on the phone after the game and I told him that MJ was the best all-around player I had ever watched.   Yes I am just that good at seeing talent and very lucky too!  (He still pushed off on B Russ and I am still bitter)

I went to see my wife at Utah State and had lunch with her the day that the Aggies beat Ohio State!  Happy Happy Joy Joy! While I was so angry when the Aggies were looked over by the selection committee despite being ranked in the top 25 yep back to the bitterness.

I am not sure if I will fill out a bracket this year but if I don’t I will still tell everyone that I picked the National Champion because Hey I am just that good!

On today’s morning show some good news and UFO news too

Stupid News: Voodoo, March madness and gum balls

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