Max Weinberg says that an E Street Band tour will be a welcome change from his back-to-basics-schlep-your-own-gear gigs he's been playing with his side band, Max Weinberg's Jukebox. The Jukebox shows feature backing by the Weeklings -- including former Beatlemania bassist and short-lived Styx member Glen Burtnik -- who dish up a string of favorite British Invasion, bar band, and Bruce Springsteen tunes -- with the audience picking the classics from the video screen projecting song titles in back of the stage.

During a chat with The Asbury Park Press, Weinberg shed light on the still-unannounced 2020 Springsteen dates, reveling, "I heard things that look like the real thing and I’d be very happy for that to occur. I know in my own case in the last two years I’ve been playing six-to-eight times a month. My first reaction when I read his statement that he made in an interview, I said, 'Would that be true, a tour where I don’t have to drive myself!'"

The Max Weinberg's Jukebox gigs hearken back to the type of pre-fame club gigs the future-"Mighty Max" played as a teen back in New Jersey: "Yeah, you always had to play cover material -- which I always loved, because there was always so much great material to play, you could really put your own personality into it. I always liked playing cover songs, I still do. In the E Street Band we still play a lot of cover material and you just try to just put yourself into it and come off the best you can."