I admit it, I have had a love affair!  Before you call my wife and tattle let me explain.  My love affair has been with McDonalds.  Big Mac’s quarter pounder nuggets and of course the French fries.   When the sign says Billons served that means just to me!

When I was a kid and Memphis got its 1st McDonalds it happened to be on what is now Elvis Presley Blvd.  We drove by it every Sunday on the way to church.  I was young and hungry and the McDonalds became somewhat of a battle ground between my mother and me.   Sometimes after church my mom would stop at KFC to get our Sunday meal.  That was fine with me fried chicken and Sunday’s go together in the south.

One Sunday, Mom stopped at KFC and I, being the brat that I was pitched a fit.   I didn’t want “Finger Licking Good” I wanted to “Keep My Eyes on My Fires”.  Let the pouting begin.  Boy was I a brat that day.  Mom, trying to keep the peace for the rest of the Sabbath compromised.  She bought her KFC and the rest of us got McDonalds.   I don’t remember if I thanked her that day but boy looking back on it I need to say one thing.


No on to Monopoly, I never really liked them game but I had sisters and my cousin who did.  I played the game and usually, ok all the time, lost.   The game takes forever to play, then you have to count phony money.  I just was not my thing.  But I did like the fun around the game and who got to be the race car!

Years back McDonalds and Parker Brothers, the makers of Monopoly did a promotion that involved a Million dollars.  I got game pieces maybe won a small fry or a small drink but never really came close to winning anything.  Then on Tuesday August 31st I was listening to “For the People” on our sister Radio Station 610 KVNU.   The host of the show Jason Williams peaked my interest with a story about McDonalds, Monopoly and the Mob.  So I invited him on the show to tell us about and it is crazy.

Here is Jason Williams from today’s morning show


By the way on Long Island New York there is a McDonalds that is built into a historic landmark called “THE DENTON MANSION” Yep, years ago my family had enough money to build a mansion.   That money trickled down from generation to generation to today when there is no trickle no more!

Today in August 1st

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