The MCU has ruled the box office with fans geeks and nerds like myself get so excited for the next movie.

This weekend we find out who lives who dies.  Do we just snap our fingers “The Avengers End Game “opens this weekend?

It might take me a few weeks before I see it but I will.

First to worst in the MCU.  Remember when you talk list like this it is the writer opinion.   THAT WOULD BE ME!  And I am a Batman guy.

One more disclaimer.  There is only one movie on this list that I did not enjoy so once you get past the worst it isn’t like I disliked the others.  I just like some better than others

So worst to first

Thor Ragnanok:  Oh man I can’t tell you how much I disliked this movie.  I have friends who love it but not me or my wife like this at all.  Why, the Thor story line was OK but when Jeff Goldblum hit the screen that was enough for me.  He is a good actor but in this role he was way over the top and it looked forced not natural.  Like the movie was trying too hard to be funny.   (This is the only MCU movie I do not own and I will never will)

The Incredible Hulk.   This was soooooooo much better than the 2003 junk that Ang Lee directed.  I went to a free showing of that in 2003 and I paid too much to get in it was awful.  However this Hulk was a really fun movie.

Thor Dark World.

Avengers Infinity War.  The first time I saw it I did not realize a second movie (End Game) was on the way.  I have seen it 3 times since and it is a lot better than my initial reaction.

Iron Man 3:

Antman and the Wasp

Guardians of the Galaxy volume two.  Any soundtrack that has a song called WHAM BAM SHANG- a LANG is KOOL. (Love that song)

Avenger’s age of Ultron

Spiderman Homecoming.   Marissa Tomei as Aunt May, looked nothing like Aunt May in the comics.

Iron Man two

Captain Marvel

Antman- I went into the movie expecting to not like it but I was wrong

Capitan America- Civil War

Dr Strange_ I will say I am glad I did not see it in 3 –D, I would have needed a barf bag.



Iron man

Captain America the 1st avenger

Black Panther –

Capitan America – Winter Soldier

Let me add that you could put Winter Soldier and Black

I am excited about End Game.  But you will forgive me if I go home and read a Batman comic

Do you Iron your clothes

Stupid news:  Is it a weapon of choice or a way to make bacon.  Plus singing with the Avengers

Laff lines: Husbands