I was born at a time when Black and White TV was a thing and you had to have a good set of “Rabbit Ears” so you could watch your favorite show.   Of course you had to make that antenna better by applying aluminum foil on the Rabbit Ears too.

I know younger readers will be saying SAY WHHHAAAAT!  How old is this dude?  Let’s just say that I celebrate another in a long line of birthdays next week.

On the Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday Mark Walhberg announce he was going to bring back to TV one of my childhood hero’s CAPTIAN KANAGOO!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, did I watch the old Capitan back when I was a kid.  Somewhere in the Denton archives there is a picture (black and white) of me sitting on the floor watching OL ROO.

My mother told me that I would sit still every day for Captain Kangaroo.  It was a sweet innocent show that would teach you values without being overhanded doing so.   The Magic Drawing board, Mr. Green Jeans, Bunny Rabbit and Mr. Moose are some of my earliest memories.  Today I can still picture the site of Mr. Moose with Ping Pong balls being dropped all over him.


Here is a trivia fact that you might not know Bob Keeshan who was the Captain was also featured in an earlier kids show.  Bob was the original Clara Bell the Clown on the Howdy Doodie show.

Thanks Mark for bring back a great child hood memory.  I hope it is a success.  But can a sweet low key show for kids make it today.  If they struggle with ratings just drop some ping pong balls on a moose!  Makes me laugh every time!

Today on the morning show the Sherriff in Nye County NV forgot something very important.   Plus. What brings us JOY?

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One more thing- when I was a teenager I was talked into being in a play about Nursery Rhymes,  I was the Ginger bread man but the I looked more like Dancing Bear