I recently discovered TV channel called “DECADES” I believe it is on one of the side channels from the Salt Lake T.V.

The channel features shows from my youth I have watched Newhart, Love American Style and some Ed Sullivan.

Last night was kind of strange with a large woman in an evening gown playing a Banjo, she kept trying to get Ed to come over, he did and but he didn’t want to.  The lady threw open her arms as if to hug he and he caught both arms with his hands and wouldn’t let her.  AWKWARD.

The was a magician doing a card trick that had the personality of a dead moth, a comedy duo that died on stage and Rip Taylor a comedic actor I have always enjoyed.

But the highlight  of the night was THE BEATLES signing I want to hold your hand”  I remember watching The BEATLES and getting into it so much I was dancing on the couch and jumping up and down.  MOSLTY DOWN, I fell into the coffee table and my hand went into a glass vase and cut my hand very close to my wrist, I can still see the scars today.

But watching the Ed Sullivan show brought back another memory.  I SAW ED SULLIVAN LIVE.   I was a teenager when it was announced the Ed Sullivan was taking his show on the road and would be at the Mid-South fair in Memphis.

I begged my mom to take me, but she had to work.  I finally convinced her that I could ride the bus safely from our house to the fairgrounds and she finally said OK if????????   I always hated If’s and Buts.   Her if was if I could find someone to go with me.  It took me a few days but finally a neighbor said he would go.  (We had recently moved to the area and I hadn’t made many friends yet)  I wish I could have found someone else.

The day arrived and my companion and I boarded the bus to the Mid-South fair.   This guy was one year younger but about 5 inches taller but man was he a problem.

We get to the fairgrounds and I told him that if he wanted to do things by himself while I went to the show that we would meet up at a location so we could go home together.

I really enjoyed the show but don’t remember much about it except Ed waved at me!   I do remember seeing Sonny James and Loretta Lynn on the show.  But the highlight was Topo GIGO the little puppet that was a regular on the show.

After the show, I went to the designated area and waited, and waited and waited.   I didn’t want to leave in case he showed up, but it was well past the time we were supposed to meet and I started thinking the worst.   I found an officer and told him what was happening and they started announcing on the P.A. system for him to meet me.   It was really getting late and I had a long bus ride in front of me and told the police I needed to leave so I could get safely home.

So I hop on board the city bus and eventually home several hours after I was supposed to.  So I called my mom at work and told her what had happened and she asked me to tell the guys Grandmother, which I did and she freaked out on me. Blaming me for leaving him at the fairgrounds.  It was just about an hour later that Memphis TN. finest brought this kid home.   Apparently he ran around the fairgrounds and lost track of time.   He did hear the PA announcements for him to meet me but ignored them.   Police finally found him after the fairgrounds had closed sitting and crying because he didn’t have any money left and didn’t know how he was going to get home.

Did I feel bad—–NOPE— The whole trip on the bus we talked about what time to meet and where.   He didn’t want to see Ed and I did.  I waited several hours at the location never left, and didn’t get to enjoy the fair.  I was glad he was OK but let’s just say he and I had a meeting of the minds and words were exchanged.   He avoided me the next couple of years until I went to college.

Strange how memories flood back because of Ed Sullivan!

Today on the morning show Steph Curry says we didn’t land on the moon.  I say we did with the help of THE BIG BANG THERORY.

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