Here is it time once again for the TOP OF UTAH MARATHON.  I remember being so excited for the very 1st one.  The route ran right past my in-law home so my wife and I decided to watch the runners from the front porch.  We did so , IN THE SNOW.  Yes it was cold and snowy that morning, but what fun I had as the runners went past.  I have a lot of respect for the people who can will themselves to run 26.2 mile.

A few years later I was asked to be the announcer at the finish line of the run and to see those who could barely finish or the ones who had ran for personal reasons celebrating with loved ones.  I t was an experience that I will never forget!

At the end of each week I try to find something to blog about and hopefully find something fun for you to read and hear.   So away we go!

Have you ever embellished a resume when looking for a job?  A new survey had HR managers list the dumbest things they’ve seen on résumés.  Some are lies, and some are just stupid.  Here are the top nine . . .

  1. A guy claimed he’d personally studied under the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who died over 100 years ago.
  2. Someone claimed they’d written a set of computer code that the hiring manager had actually written.
  3. A guy included a picture with all of his pets for no apparent reason.
  4. Someone listed Microsoft as a previous employer, and then didn’t know who Bill Gates was.
  5. Someone sent in a résumé that obviously wasn’t theirs.  So the HR person googled it.  And it turned out they just lifted it straight off the Internet.
  6. Someone claimed they had a specific credential they didn’t really have.  And they were applying for a job at the company that GRANTS that credential.
  7. A guy included a lengthy description about his family members.
  8. Even though it had nothing to do with the job, a guy included the fact that his favorite hobby is to watch horror movies.
  9. A guy claimed he was a former spy for the CIA.  But the dates he listed were when he was in elementary school.


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