Sometimes I need to be reminded of why I love my job!

Getting up at 4:15 every morning is not the favorite part of my job.  Add in the fact that I am not feeling 100% and when that alarm goes off oh the language that comes from my mouth.  Silently of course, don’t want to wake up the wife.  Getting to the station and something is not working right or you can’t find that one thing.

Then frustration set’s in!

So sometimes I need a kick in the backside to remind me and my backside is a little sore today.  Last Saturday I met a man who was very nice and said he listens every day.  A clerk at a nearby store said the same thing. Listeners call me with suggestions for Stupid News.  On Tuesday I ran into a guy I had met several years ago and we took a few minutes to just talk, and then there was last night.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Options for Independence asking if they could take a tour of the radio station.  Well that tour happened last night and this youth group of great kids touched me a very special way.  We had a blast just talking and laughing.  Here is just a part of the visit.

The candy from Japan is awesome and I can’t wait for my picture.   As the group from Options left they were thanking me but I should thank them, I had such a great time.


Today in 2012 the world’s oldest teenager Dick Clark passed away.   Any one of my generation grew up watching The American Bandstand. My favorite segment was the Rate a record segment. “It had a great beat and I could dance with it”I went back into the archives and found our salute to Dick Clark from 2012

Stupid news goes to college and Florida where you don’t mess with Grandma.

Laff lines:  Lunchables