I was having lunch with my wife on Tuesday when I received a call telling me that my oldest sister Bettye Scherer had passed away in California.  She had been ill for several months and had been in and out of hospitals for quite a while.

I’m telling you this because I loved my sister very much, despite not being able to spend a lot of time together over the years.

Our father passed away in 1961 when I was just 4 years old and Bettye was married shortly after that.  To be honest I have very few memories on my sister before 1968.  We would talk on the phone for a few minutes but she was married to Gary who was in the Navy and had moved away from Memphis when I was very young.

So today in honor of my sister I thought I would share some great memories of my sister.

One of the 1st times I got to spend time with my sister was when I was 16 and they came to visit us in Memphis.   I got to go back to San Jose with them in there van.  It was my 1st time in California and Bettye asked me what I thought, and in my sarcastic 16 year old brain I said “It’s OK if you like brown”  I grew up in Tennessee and we had grass and tree’s everything was green but not in  San Jose.   We always had a good laugh with that.

On that same trip my sister got very protective of me.  I had gone to church with her family and there were 3 girls that started to flirt with me and yeah my hormones were HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.   The girls and I were in the foyer and they invited me to come with them to several activities with them. YES!!!!!  But right then Bettye came around the corner and heard what was going on and said “You know my brother is only 16 years old” Come to find out the girls were in college and thought I was a lot older than I was.  Let’s just say the flirting stopped faster than a car hitting a brick wall WHAM!   Thanks Sis!

The last time I got to spend several weeks with my sister were under strange circumstances.   Bettye had come back to Memphis for our sister’s wedding and while there had fallen and broken her ankle severely.  An injury that affected her walking ability the rest of her life and eventually led to her doctor telling her he would either have to amputate or fuse her ankle.  She opted to have it fused,

The summer after her accident I had come back home after my 1st year in college.  She was on crutches after her surgery and could not travel so all her Children were staying with her and our Mom in a small house in Memphis.  But we had a great time getting to know each other again.   I had a job at a convenience store to make some extra money for school but there were times when Bettye and I got to talk and enjoy each other.  One of those times was while watch TV a commercial came on for a new Candy Bar called” Forever Yours” and it looked awesome.  Bettye just raved over how good it looked, so the next day after work I brought her one and I thought she was going to cry!  A special memory for me.  The candy bar went out of production but came back with a different name “Milky Way Dark” and now when I see one I always get that memory of my sister.


I will be gone for a few days to attend to some family items so I will take this time to wish you a Merry Christmas and remind you to remember the real reason we celebrate!

So I am sure you will excuse my absence for a few days but I will miss being with you each morning during this Christmas time.

While I am away I will find a “Milky Way Dark” and as I am eating it a tear will come to my eye ….. I love you Bettye!

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