There were two things expected of kids like me growing up in Memphis.

  1. You loved Peanut butter and Bana sandwiches.


  1. You could do an Elvis impression.

I never met Elvis but I have memories of the King.

Every Sunday we would drive by Graceland on our way to church and I remember staring out the window to see if the gates of Graceland were open or closed because if they were open Elvis had left the building and if closed you knew the king was just a few yards away.

When I was a teenager I had a job where I rode a Memphis bus every day.  I quickly realized that if I timed it right that my bus transfer could be a lot more fun if I walked from Main Street and waited for my next bus in front of Sun Studio’s.  I would just stare at that historic site and think of the all the superstars who either recorded or visited that site.

I also remember August 16th 1977…. I was at the radio station parking lot in Rexburg Idaho when the announcer on air started tapping on the window telling me to listen.   It was less than a minute later Joni announced that Elvis was dead.

My mother was a nurse at Baptist hospital where Elvis was brought, she told me that the news of his death didn’t take long to reach the 11th floor where she worked.

My sister Sandra was on the interstate when it was announced on the radio in Memphis, she said that traffic came to a stop as people pulled to the side of the road in shock.

Elvis Presley born a good ole boy in Tupelo Mississippi would go on the change the world.

This is my favorite Elvis song:


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