Metallica's music was streamed one billion times on Spotify in 2019. The band revealed the accomplishment on its Twitter account on Tuesday (December 31st), writing, "1,026 decades of METALLICA music was streamed in 2019! Unreal! Thanks to the most dedicated fans in the world... you all are incredible!"

Metallica made all nine of its studio albums at the time along with various live recordings, singles, remixes and other material, available on Spotify in December 2012.

The move was significant because Sean Parker, who co-founded Napster, sat on the board of Spotify. Metallica battled Napster back in 2000 over the illegal sharing of the band's music, which resulted in both legal action and damage to Metallica's public image.

Drummer Lars Ulrich told us at the time that the Napster battle was not about getting money for the band's music, but about having control over how it was shared: "All we want as an artist is a choice. There's nothing to argue about that. Nobody has the right to do with our music whatever they want. We do."

Metallica has since embraced most forms of digital media, including Spotify, which the band called "by far the best streaming service."