Mick Jagger posted the first photo of himself since undergoing heart valve replacement surgery earlier this month in Manhattan. Jagger -- in casual clothes, sneakers, and a ball cap, is seen standing near a tree in full bloom -- posted "A walk in the park!" next to the photo.

Jagger's daughter Georgia May was among the thousands of fans who responded on Instagram posting "Love you Dada," with son Lucas posting four red heart emojis. Good friend and collaborator Lenny Kravitz added: "Yeah man!"

Noted rock biographer Phillip Norman recently published the 640-page biography on Jagger, titled, Mick. Norman told us that apart from anything else, Jagger is single handedly responsible for creating the role of the modern rock frontman: "The (Rolling) Stones were the people who sort of wrote the book for modern rock culture. Jagger was the prototype of the man who stands in front of the band -- doesn't play guitar. His body movements become another instrument. Anyone else who came after him, they may have sounded very different -- the way they sang; their whole persona might've been different, but when it came to moving around, they had no way other to move than the way Jagger moved. And that is why I think he is just the founder of a species."

There's no definitive schedule as to when the Rolling Stones will get to play the makeup gigs that were postponed due to Jagger's procedure. The band's camp has gone on record as saying the July could be the soonest for the stadium gigs to happen.