Mick Jagger took time out during the Venice Film Festival to slam President Trump's environmental policies and his decision to leave the Paris climate agreement. Jagger was on hand at the event with co-star Donald Sutherland, along with the cast and producers of their new film, The Burnt Orange Heresy.

The Hollywood Reporter posted Jagger and Sutherland spoke frankly about their political takes on the environment — and specifically taking aim at Trump, with Jagger saying, “We are in a very difficult situation at the moment, especially in the U.S., where all the environmental controls that were put in place — that were just about adequate — have been rolled back by the current administration so much that they are being wiped out. The U.S. should be the world leader in environmental control but now it has decided to go the other way.”

Jagger went on to add: “I'm not sure I was always against civility, but when you see it now, the incivility of political life, which we see in so many countries, including my own, especially this last week — and in other countries, particularly the U.S. — when you see this, it's a bit of a sea change from what you were used to. I don't mean that manners are everything. But the combination of all these things, where it's going to lead us — polarization, rudeness and lying.”

A while back, Keith Richards revealed that Mick Jagger keeps a keen eye on the Stones' finances, and that in truth he's hardly the funky, living-on-the-edge kind of guy he's portrayed himself to be: “Yeah, he can fool ya, can't he? Yeah, he's a conservative (laughs) in every way except when he works. He's a very, very conservative guy. Y'know, and when he's shagging — that's another thing, I wouldn't know, y'know, what I mean?”