Fox News' medical correspondent claims that Mick Jagger is undergoing a “miracle” cardiac procedure. Jagger is reportedly having a stent placed in his heart while receiving valve replacement surgery in Manhattan this week. The procedure forced the Rolling Stones to postpone its upcoming 15-date North American stadium tour set to kick off later this month.

Dr. Marc Siegel appeared on the network and shed light on the work the Stones frontman is having done, explaining that Jagger is possibly undergoing “a minimally invasive procedure” called TAVR, which inserts a catheter through the groin, through an artery.

Siegel said, “We are hearing from England, the sources are saying that what he has is a valve problem and it’s probably an aortic-valve problem which is the valve under the most pressure, the most important valve in the human body. Luckily for Mick Jagger this is modern medicine at its best. This is a miracle procedure. You don’t necessarily even need anesthesia. You recover very quickly. You can go back to work.”

Not too long ago, Mick Jagger was asked what the recipe is for the Rolling Stones' unparalleled and long lasting success: “I think that the Stones are very lucky — yeah, you always need a lit of luck. They were in the right place at the right time. And they — we, when we work, we work very hard. So you need all those things. It's no good just being hard-working, 'cause lot's of people are hardworking. But you've got to be hardworking, on your game, and be lucky.”