Monkees fans are no closer to finding out what exactly caused Mike Nesmith to pull out of his joint tour with Micky Dolenz last week with only three shows left on the books. Nesmith was hospitalized on June 21st following the band's soundcheck at Glenside, Pennsylvania's Keswick Theatre for what was called a "minor issue." The Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey shows have all been postponed until January with details still to come.

Micky Dolenz was asked about the state of Nesmith's health, admitting to Billboard, "Frankly, I don't know. But I talked to him the day he left. He sounded a little bit under the weather, a little weak. He was obviously apologizing profusely. And I said, 'Hey, buddy. Don't worry about it. We'll adjust.' He tends to be quite private about that stuff. I do intend to call him and check up on him. But knowing him, he's such a pro. It must have been enough of a concern that he had to bail on the show, because ordinarily he's a trouper and he would never do that. We're just all praying for him, keeping our fingers crossed. I'm glad he made the choice he did because he needed to get home and deal with it at home where he lives."

When pressed about the "Mike & Micky" tour carrying on, Dolenz said, "We were already talking about other dates. We got such great reviews and such great reactions from the fans that absolutely, we were already talking about it because we missed a whole lot of markets. We're trying to take it easy. We're not getting any younger."

In addition to that, some new music might be forthcoming from the Monkees duo: "We recorded a bunch of shows. I think every show. And these days, y'know, that's pretty easy to do on your frigging laptop. So I do know that it's in hand. I was thrilled with the reviews and the reaction that we got. And the music sounded wonderful. And Nez was actually in very good voice. I was too, frankly, if I do say so myself. So hopefully it's going to sound pretty cool."

Micky Dolenz told us that he's always considered his career from The Monkees' TV shows to their reunion tours as "musical theatre": "If you understand the history of the Monkees, if you understand and appreciate how the original show was put together and everything, it's not like a band having a reunion. It's more like the revival of a Broadway musical, if you will. It's like Yul Brynner doing The King And I again. That's the way I've always looked at it, 'cause that's the way The Monkees was originally produced and constructed. It was a television show first, about this imaginary rock n' roll group -- this fictitious group called 'The Monkees.'"