Today is one of those days in history that I can tell you where I was 50 years ago.  Yes, I am that old.

I was probably fighting with  my sisters over what TV show was on because I wanted to watch the very 1st Monday night football game!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that ABC and the NFL took the gamble of playing on Monday nights.  Many critics didn’t think football would survive on Monday’s and boy were the critics wrong.

I was hooked because on Tuesday’s my friends and I would be talking about the game!

But I have had kind of a love hate relationship with Monday night football.

One of my favorite sports moments came on MNF as my beloved St Louis football Cardinals played the Dallas Cowboys a team that I hated at the time.  MY Cards shut out the Cowboys I think the final score was 33 to 0.  Dandy Don Meredith a former Cowboy QB was livid in commentary and admitted that he was supposed to remain neutral but couldn’t because he was a Cowboy!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH  I loved it

But there was a time I stopped.  Why?  Howard Cossel.  A legendary figure in sports journalism but his last few years his commentary seemed to dwell on the negative.  One Monday night game late in the season Atlanta was losing an important game as they tried to get into the playoffs and Cosell was critical of play as they tried everything to get back in the game.  I got angry listening; I was not an Atlanta fan either. I stopped watching.

The next few years I would watch occasionally but I was in college and working nights so it was hard to watch.  I was working when Howard Cossell announced the death of John Lennon, so I missed that historic moment.

As my work schedule shifted, I started watching again but it wasn’t a must watch for me.  Sometimes I was footballed out.  Friday night was High School , Saturday college and Sunday NFL and sometimes I just wanted something else and that something else was Pro Wrestling.  The Monday night wars between WWE and WCW took precedence for me .  I would hit that remote so much between the two but sometimes I would check in on MNF.

Today Monday night football is still a must watch and a must watch live.  I have a DVR for Monday night RAW.


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