It happens!  Oh how I want to rephrase that and add 2 other letters to the beginning of IT.

It has been a strange couple of days for me.   The weekend started great with the visit of two young friends who always make me smile.  Then on Saturday morning we went by Elk Ridge Park to check out the bikes and to thank our veterans for what they have sacrificed for us.  Driving up 2500 North and seeing the American Flags all along the roadway was an incredible site.

Then the weekend kind of took a downward direction.  Nothing horrible but kind of strange.  My wife became ill, butt is doing better.  I was visiting someone when my car battery died.  Then on Sunday night I had started feeling a little strange (me strange, who would have thunk it).   I have had a step backward in treating an infection of a salvia gland and it flared up again last night.  That led to a night of some but not enough sleep.  The alarm goes off and after a quick three SSS’s (shave, shower and shampoo) I was on the on the road and notice KOOl was not on the air.

One of the computers decided to not work. After about 45 minutes of bad language and a frantic call to the I.T. guys and a quick fix I was on the air but I felt a little off all morning long.  I just marked it up to ONE OF THOSE DAYS!   Yes –It happens

This morning a KOOL thing happened at a concert.  Also some Trekie news

Stupid news.  I am Ok, Assets and The Brady house