Believe it or not there are people who think they get paid too much at their job!  SAYYYYY WHHHHHHAAAATTTT!

A website did a survey where they claim that 5% of us think we are overpaid for the jobs they do.

To those who think they are overpaid, send that my way.  I quote the founder of Motown Records Barry Gordy Jr when he wrote the song “MONEY”.  One of the lyric lines says “Your love gives me such a thrill, but your love it don’t pay my bills!  I want money that’s what I want”

Not to sound to materialistic, and petty.  I would think most of us believe we are underpaid at our jobs.  Be honest wouldn’t you love to have a raise.

As you know I love my job but you know what, if the man behind the desk said “Dave have a raise” I would take it.   That is me just being honest.   I get paid to do what I do and I love what I do but who couldn’t use a little extra?

Our jobs afford us a way to pay our bills, have a roof over our heads and do some of the things we like to do.

I am no financial wiz but I found out that we need to manage our money better.  There are so many people out there who are in terrible debt.  Money is just too easy to spend.  That Credit card is there with its little voice saying “USE ME, USE ME” I have done it and dang that money is expensive!

From a website called

Here are some funny quotes about money

“Money, if it does not bring you happiness, will at least help you be miserable in comfort.” – Helen Gurley Brown

“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” – Woody Allen

“It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white… the only color that really matters is green.” – Family Guy

“A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.” – Bob Hope

“Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work.” – Robert Orben

“Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail” – Richard Friedman

“If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments.” – Earl Wilson

Always borrow money from a pessimist, he doesn’t expect to be paid back. ~Author Unknown

I don’t like money, actually, but it quiets my nerves. ~Joe Louis

Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells. ~J. Paul Getty

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you the kind of misery you prefer. ~Author Unknown

Money often costs too much. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

 I’m so poor I can’t even pay attention. ~Ron Kittle, 1987

It frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy. ~Groucho Marx

We live by the Golden Rule. Those who have the gold make the rules. ~Buzzie Bavasi

I am having an out of money experience. ~Author Unknown

Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the “gotta have it” scale. ~Zig Ziglar

People are living longer than ever before, a phenomenon undoubtedly made necessary by the 30-year mortgage. ~Doug Larson

If inflation continues to soar, you’re going to have to work like a dog just to live like one. ~George Gobel

Intaxication: Euphoria at getting a refund from the IRS, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with. ~From a Washington Post word contest

“The rich. You know why they’re so odd? Because they can afford to be.” –Alexander Knox (Robert Wuhl) Batman

The only reason I made a commercial for American Express was to pay for my American Express bill.” Peter Ustinov.

My formula for success is rise early, work late and strike oil.” JP Getty.

“October: This is one of the particularly dangerous months to invest in stocks.   Other dangerous months are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February.” Mark Twain

All I ask is the chance to prove that money can’t make me happy.” Spike Milligan.

What’s the use of happiness? It can’t buy you money. Henry Youngman


Money isn’t everything, but it’s a long way ahead of what comes next.” Edmund Stockdale

.If there is anyone to whom I owe money, I’m prepared to forget it if they are.” Errol Flynn

A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist. “Franklin Jones.

There were times my pants were so thin I could sit on a dime and tell if it was heads or tails.” -Spencer Tracy quotes

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.” -Jackie Mason

When people ask me if I have any spare change, I tell them I have it at home in my spare wallet.”-Nick Arnette

“Someone stole all my credit cards, but I won’t be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife did.” -Henny Youngman

I made my money the old-fashioned way. I was very nice to a wealthy relative right before he died” — Malcolm Forbes

Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit” — George Carlin

I put a dollar in one of those change machines. Nothing changed” — George Carlin

Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.” — Steven Wright

It’s amazing how fast later comes when you buy now!” — Milton Berle

If you’re given a choice between money and sex appeal, take the money. As you get older, the money will become your sex appeal.” — Katherine Hepburn

What is the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector? The taxidermist takes only your skin” –Mark Twain

Economists report that a college education adds many thousands of dollars to a man’s lifetime income – which he then spends sending his son to college.” — Bill Vaughn

It’s easy to meet expenses – everywhere we go, there they are.” — Anonymous

At Christmas time Money is the perfect gift.  I is always the right color and right size.

Money is the root of all evil!  I need deeper roots

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