I think we have all the daydream of hitting the lottery, or maybe while in Vegas we dram of the Jackpot or having the knock at the door that tells you a long lost relative has left you ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

So what would you do if you really didn’t have to worry about money?  Would if make you a different person? Would you spend it all and become broke again.

I think about and I don’t think having money would change me much.  Outside of an entire home dedicated to my collection (my wife says it already is).  A garage for my fleet of a few cars and a castle with a moat around it and at the top of the castle a place where I could oversea my vast wealth.

No that is a very strange pipe dream.  I really don’t think money would change me much.  We have a nice hone that is great for the two of us (NO STAIRS).   There is a couple of things I would have done to our home.  And I was serious about a new car but not a fleet.

I don’t like to do much traveling and I love what I do so I would not change jobs.

So I am left with sitting in my collection room looking over my collection of MONEY!

No having money wouldn’t change me much!


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