Wow is this awesome or just plain wrong?   A mashup of I WANT TO ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT, BY KISS, AND EASY BY THE COMMODORES.  At the very least it is interesting



Your love gives me such a thrill, but your love won’t pay my bills.  I want money.



I have always struggled with saving money, my mom used to say ‘Dave, is that money burning a hole in your pocket” YES MOM, IT IS!    Then the punishment begins!

 Like most of us money was tight when I was growing up we simply did not have much.  My mother had 5 kids to support after my father died and frankly looking back I don’t know how she did it.   We didn’t want, but we didn’t have a lot either.  The only vacations we went on were weekend trips to Paris!      Not that Paris.   Not Paris Idaho or Paris Texas either.  It was Paris Tennessee.  A short drive from Memphis.

I wouldn’t say I am frugal or stupid with money, but I am just a little dumb with money.   I have tried to balance my checkbooks but it has never happened.  At least I tried and learned my wife is a lot better at that than I am

 One of my problems with money is impulse buys and I came across this today about impulse buying here is a list of the top 10 impulse buys.

  1. Candy. 2.  Clothes.     3.  Takeout for dinner.    4.  Coffee.
  2. Lunch or dinner.     6.  Books. (Comics for me)    7.  Beauty products. (I don’t buy those because I am already pretty)
  3. Shoes. 9.  Magazines or newspapers. (Do people really buy newspapers anymore)    10.  Underwear or socks.

When I wasn’t married and living in an apartment I did go out and buy new underwear and socks because I didn’t want to do laundry.  (I had lots of pants and shirts and needed to have more ……….delicates)

Now that I am married and more mature (oh yeah I am more mature do do head) I have been saving a little but you know things happen, Car repairs, Home repairs, unexpected illness and oh yeah all that impulse spending make it hard.  There is an online source that might help called

Now it up to me to change my ways and stop the impulse buys!  But I do think I need some new underwear!

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