One of my favorite songs in “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” but I will change the lyrics to get down to business.


When I 1st started my radio life I would tell everyone who would listen that I would not do a morning show.  So here I am years later and more times than not over these years I have been doing morning radio.

Despite the alarms and being a walking like a zombie it seems that I am easily distracted in the morning and I forget things.  Like today



Yep, I got my tooth brush all loaded up and then I was distracted and forgot to brush my teeth.


I come by this honestly, my sister had just graduated high school and had found a job that had early hours.   I think all of the siblings went to our Mother to do something.   Edwinna was very vocal in her dislike of early mornings.

One morning she woke up the entire house, possibly the entire southern end of Memphis with a SCREAM!   She had taken her hair spray and sprayed her underarms.  She walked with stiff arms all day long.

I am a mistake machine when I am trying to wake up.  I have fallen back to sleep while on the toilet.

In the shower I sometimes forget which body part has or has not been cleaned

I have walked into the shower still wearing my glasses and sleepwear.

I have forgotten to rinse my hair and not noticed until I started to brush my hair.

One day last year I got dressed and my clothes felt weird I had forgotten to put on my underwear!  Yes was going Commando.

Man as I think about it I am a mess in the morning.  I have poured my Cheerios and forgot to eat them. Misplaced my keys, put on two different shoes and more.

The one thing that I never forget in the mornings is to tell my wife I love her and then ask her. Do you know where my keys are?

Today on the morning show.    Duck in Brigham City and grape juice


Stupid news: Swimming with the Sharks.  Donuts and Cops

Laugh lines; George Carlin