Did you know MOVEMBER has its roots in Australia?

In 1999 Seven nightly news aired a story about a group of guys who came up with the idea of growing Moustaches for charity in November.  Since that time men all over the world having been growing the facial hair to raise awareness of men’s health issues including Prostate cancer.

Did you know I am a Prostate cancer survivor?

Seven years ago I had began a project to raise money for the American cancer society to honor a dear friend who had breast cancer.  The project was to auction off a Boogie Board signed by the Beach Boys at him The Cache Valley Cruise in.  I had to get a lot of approvals to get this done but it happened!  And the it happened.

A few weeks before the cruise in I had a biopsy which was positive for Prostate Cancer.  It was a Saturday morning 2 weeks before the cruise in when my Doctor called to tell me the news.  I know Prostrate Cancer has a high cure rate and is a slow growth cancer but it is that word CANCER. I was shocked, I remember being near our stairs and sitting on the second stair and just looking at the wall and not looking at the wall.  My wife came down the stairs and we just held each other.

Here it is over 7 years ago and my cancer numbers are incredibly low and my Doctor says I am cancer free.

I tell you this to encourage men to get checked.  Recently a man told me he didn’t want to know????????  Really, I remember looking at him not knowing what to say.  Then just one week ago a friend told me he had the scare but the biopsy was negative.  We talked about being scared of the C word but how relived he was now to know.



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