I am old enough to remember T.V. when we had 3 channels.  Come on did anyone watch PBS before Sesame Street?

Your choices were ABC, NBC, and CBS. That is if your rabbit ear antenna would pick them up!   That is when the Aluminum foil was used the most in my house.

Today we have so many choices for T.V.  Countless channels ( It seems I only watch 3, but I digress).

So where is this leading?  Last night trying to find something to watch with my wife  we came across a movie we  have both seen over and over again so we decided to add another over to the movie TWISTER!

I love that movie and not just because of that tight white t-shirt of Helen Hunt (my wife was watching so I couldn’t ohh and aww too much)  Twister is one of those movies that I always enjoy.

So that made me think about those movies that I have watched  over and over again and still want to add more over’s.

In no particular order

The Mummy movies including The Scorpion King

The Jurassic Park movies

Blazing Saddles

Young Frankenstein

The Jerk

Revenge of the nerds

The Princess Bride

50 first dates

Sleepless in Seattle (the soundtrack is awesome)

My Cousin Vinny

The Blues Brothers including the Blues Brothers 2000 not for the movie bur for the music.

Vegas Vacation

American Graffiti

Miss Congeniality 1 and 2

That did not include any Super Hero films because that is for another blog post

Today on the morning show a Spelling bee and a survey about Parents and kids that baffled me

Stupid news another reason not to get drunk and the return of NEW COKE

Laff lines slow drivers and airplanes