1970, I was just getting into my teen years full of hormones and my only thoughts were “SAVING THE PLANET” Yeah right!

At that time I was always thinking about girls, sports, girls, bacon and girls.  Typical stuff.

But on this date in 1970 I was part of History. I was part of the very first Earth Day!  I did not even that is was Earth Day and I did not care because we got out of class and were able to walk around a few blocks and pick up garbage.

I was not uncommon in those days that people would just toss trash from there cars and the litter was really bad. We as a people have done a little better but we can still do better.

I admit I get a little tired of how some portray the trash problem as the worst ever. Well I need to disagree with that. Just because of memories.

My friends and I would take hours and walk along roadways and look for soda bottles to take into the local store for a whopping  5 cents a bottle   But when we did it we would wind up with several dollars to split and buy candy and soda.  Of course, we would just toss the bottle on the side of the road.  Dumb …. YEP

I also remember being in the car behind another driver and seeing trash being tossed out of the car.  I was just what we did. You very rarely see that with one exception smokers who toss cigarettes, come on that is just dumb. We live in a high dessert and you are tossing fire out of your car??????????????????

Thankfully, things are better. I am no environmentalist  but I do agree with most of their goals to clean up our planet and if you don’t think we have made strides then you need to check history and see pictures of muddy roads with horses doing their business in the  middle of the road,  You can find pictures of major cities with factories billowing black smoke billowing out of smoke stacks.   Major rivers so chocked with pollution that fish were dying and some rivers actually catching fire.   Is there still work to do you bet but I wish some more effort were places on some foreign governments to clean up their air and waters.

Those who make this a political statement have got it all wrong. No one wants dirty air and dirty water let’s take politics out of it and search for ways to do better and hopefully next winter we will not have nationwide news stories saying that Logan has the worst air quality in the nation

So Happy Earth day and try to do your part.


We had a great guest on the show this morning Valerie Reese who is a counselor at Bear River High school we talked about the challanges not onlh of schools soft closings but the changing face of education form COVID 19

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