A friend of mine on Facebook had one of those quizzes where you tell people a little bit about yourself.

Questions like:  Have you ever been to another country?  Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?   What is your favorite ice cream?

One of the questions really made me think.  That question was

What is your dream job?   I thought about it and wrote, I am doing my dream job!   I can’t think of anything else I would rather do for my job than being on the radio.   (Well maybe a professional bacon taster, but that is just a pie in the sky dream).

I wasn’t always in radio.  My 1st job was at a junk yard!  I lived Sanford and Son.   There was a man at the church I attended who owned a business called Transport Salvage Company, he would by furniture or other items that might have been damaged or had flaws and then sold them back to the public.  He bought a little of everything and he said he needed some help and asked me a few other you teens to come work for him.

At times he would get work that included putting parts together and he and I found out I am not mechanically inclined.   At one point he even said to me “You are here to lift and move things” which I did gladly.  I am dangerous with tools to this day and now as I get older, lifting and moving things are getting harder to.

I had a great deal of love and respect for this man who found busy work for me.  I know he was doing it out of the kindness of his heart because a lot of the work I did was moving one thing from here and putting it there.

One hot summer day I was in a garage loft as the guys would lift a table top to me and I would place it in the loft.  Nobody saw the huge wasp nest that I hit with one of the table tops!   I must have looked like Bruce Lee swatting at the wasp to keep them off of me then I jumped and flew like Superman and landed with the swarm now chasing me and my co-workers.

Getting to safety we all started laughing with the guys trying to describe my face when I saw those flying death machines.   But I am here to tell you I didn’t get stung, not one time.  It was my awesome Kung Fu abilities and a lot of luck.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to spend most of my working life on the air and learning my job.   I would do anything and that meant at my 1st station than meant being on the air and cleaning toilets and taking out the trash.  I have been on every daypart radio has.  While working in Baton Rouge I worked from 11pm to 6 am and help out during the morning show.   Circumstances changed and for about 2 months I not only did the overnight shift but also came back in to work at 2pm to work until 6pm.  During this time the station had a consultant come in to evaluate what the station was doing.   We all had separate meetings with him to go over our job performance.   He said some good things to me, I think trying to soften the blow of his next statement.  He told me that the station was not going to use me in the permanent position of the 2pm to 6pm on air spot and then asked me what I thought about that.  I took a deep breather and asked him.  Do I still get paid?   The look on his face was that of shock and confusion.   I think he thought that I would think it being a demotion to be off one of prime times for a radio announcer.  I told him that I loved what I did and as long as I was employed I would do what is needed.   To this day I still feel that way.

I love my job, I don’t love getting up at 4 am but hey that is morning radio and how I pay my bills.   So once again if Professional bacon taster is not available I will always say that working morning radio on KOOL 1039 is my dream job.

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