I wanted to add my wish of a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this weekend.    I also wanted to let you know how grateful I am to be able to do the things I do on and off the radio.   I know I complain about the early mornings and sometimes long days, but I can honestly say “I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING I WOULD RATHER DO!”   So I thank you for listening and thank all my co-workers here at the Cache valley Media group.

As I was thinking about today’s blog, my mind went back to my 1st Thanksgiving in Utah.  It was Thanksgiving 1975.

I was a young punk of 18 and attending Ricks College in Rexburg.  I was a long way from home and had planned on staying in my dorm room for Thanksgiving.  That was until my friend Kevin invited me to come to his home in East Carbon Utah.  I thought cool, I hadn’t been many places in the west and this would be awesome.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we had planned on leaving about 3pm but a nasty winter storm hit and Kevin said let’s go now!  So a bunch of us piled into his car for the trip.  My girlfriend at the time was with us, so I had someone to keep me warm, but that’s another story and my wife is probably reading this and I want to be warm this Thanksgiving so I will stop that part of the story now.

The storm was nasty and we spun out and almost wrecked outside of Rigby, but we pushed on.   A trip that should have taken 7 hours turned into a 13 hour ordeal that this boy from Memphis had never had to endure.

We pulled into East carbon about 3am and tried to sleep.  The Thanksgiving meal was wonderful and getting to know Kevin’s Mom and little sister was great.   But things got kind of strange after that.

There was about a foot of snow on the ground and Kevin and some of his high school buddies decided to go out and cut cookies in the snow and ice.  They also decided it would be fun to tie a rope on the car and pull a sled with people on it.   Dangerous Yep but we were stupid kids.   Things were going fine until Kevin lost control on a corner and ran into a fence, very little damage but the guy on the sled ran head 1st into the car.  Once again very little damage.  They grow em tuff in Carbon county.

The fun (?) continued the next day when it was decided to go hunt Jack rabbits at an abandoned airfield.  Ok, this city boy had never been hunting but hey it sounded like fun.   It was a beautiful sunny winter day with about a foot of fresh snow and I was wearing tennis shoes.  Kevin and his friends had 22’s and an extra for me.  A single shot 22, yep a single shot 22.   So off I go tracking the footprints on the bunny in the snow in my tennis shoes and I see him about 30 yards in front of me I lifted my single shot 22 aimed fired and missed by a mile.   Oh well I got to shoot.

That was my only shot of the day. Why?  As I stood in a foot of fresh snow in my tennis shoes freezing certain body parts I heard the sound of a rifle shot BANG!  Then a sound I will never forget the whooshing sound of the bullet missing me but scaring me enough I thought a change of underwear was in order.    I shouted at the top of my lungs several words and most of them were of the 4 letter variety.   I hiked back to the card still shouting several words in combinations that would make a sailor proud.    I got to the car and waited about 2 hours for the guys to finish and showing off the jack rabbits they had shot.

That was my one and only experience hunting any animals!

The rest of the weekend was incredible with fun food and making new friends.  But I will tell you this my 1st Thanksgiving in Utah was one I will never forget.

Happy Thanksgiving

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See ya Monday