Jim Croce sang “don’t spit in the wind” I say there is at least one more thing you should not do in to the wind but eww that is gross.

Over the weekend people were asking me for advice, ME.  A guy whose biggest accomplishment in life is eating too much Bacon and still having a very good Cholesterol reading.

No really for some reason, people have always felt comfortable talking to me about what is going on in their lives and asking for my advice.  I was talking with my wife about that Sunday night and she said it is because people feel comfortable with me and know I won’t just tell them what they want to hear.  If someone ask I will tell them what I think but I don’t go out there saying “WELL IF I WERE YOU”.

To me unsolicited advice is the worst advice.

But the best advice is the advice you give sincerely and from the heart.

Like “Don’t roller skate in a Buffalo heard”

But really my best advice is this.  If someone gives you advice LISTEN but take it with a grain of salt.   Our life experiences are all different and what works for me might not work for you and eventually you have to make that choice yourself.

But on the website inherentlyfunnydot, con that were funny words of advice but this advice is the best advice

If you swim with a friend, your chances of getting eaten by a shark drop by 50 percent

Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe

Try not to yell at each other — unless the house is on fire

Dance like no one is watching.  Because they’re not.  They’re checking their phones

Don’t give up on your dreams, keep on sleeping

Don’t seat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.

In case of a fire leave the building before tweeting about it.

Never make snow angles in a Dog park.

Then here is my favorite advice and it comes from the Ren and Stempy show.



Today is the 1st of October  and we talk a Rally  rat.


Stupid news  ; A lawsuit in St Louis and Grandma you ain’t got no teeth

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