This has been quite a week.

Monday started with a bang when I was getting ready for a remote broadcast and my foot became stuck in a really bad position.  I was very lucky that after almost 30 minutes I was able to free myself but the damage was done.  My foot, knee and hip were stretched in ways that they should not have been.

I was pretty sore until Thursday (my birthday) but I had caught a bad cold.  OK I can deal with a cold but with all the screaming for help on Monday and the cold my throat was raw and I have been trying not to lose my voice the last two days.

Someone asked me what do I do when my voice leaves me?  That is a broadcaster’s greatest fear!  You make your living with your voice and having a vocal problem is scary.   Ask any singer.

So what do I do when I lose my voice?  Is prayer a good answer?

I have realized one thing that when you lose your voice that most of the time it sounds worse to yourself than to others.

That is true most of the time.

A few years ago about the time of the Cache Valley cruise in I lost my voice.  Doing an interview on the radio I opened my mouth and nothing came out.   Not even a sound!    I was feeling ok but I had no voice.   I did find a temporary solution at a local restaurant.   I was having lunch with my wife and in laws and the former IGGY’S and they had a dipping sauce for bread that was kind of spicy.  We were waiting of our meals and munching and dipping and when I spoke just after dipping……MY VOICE WAS NORMAL.   No joke, I could talk …….. For about 30 seconds.

I bought a bottle of the dipping sauce and brought it to the station and almost sounded normal.

Early in my radio life I was without work and contacting stations trying to find a job.  Imagine me talking with a potential boss and I could barely speak.  I was out of work for about 6 weeks until a radio station I had worked with at one time hired me again.

I have had many things happen to me over the years.  I got a name all messed up one time and the name came out as a very bad word (One of George Carlins seven dirty words).  I have left the mic open and people could hear me have a conversation while the music was playing.   I even stopped a song while it was playing.

I was kind of sort of almost struck by lightning while doing news during a bad thunderstorm in Montgomery city Missouri.   Lighting did hit the building while I was on the air and I was knocked backward in my chair but unhurt, but my reaction was live on the air. No curse words.  I hope.

I have even worked through a couple of medical emergencies.  Once I left the station and somehow got home but I had no knowledge of how I got there.  That was really bad.

But I think losing my voice is still my biggest fear.  I know my current situation will clear up.  But what do I do if it doesn’t?   Then on top of that all the Iggy’s closed down last month!!!

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