There are things that happen in life that stay with you.  One of those things for me is seeing my first football game.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was out playing with the other neighborhood hoodlums, when it happened.  One of the dads invited us to come inside and watch a football game on TV.

That game was Super bowl two with the Oakland Raiders vs the Green Bay Packers.    I was hooked on football.  Saturdays it was college and Sunday’s the NFL.  Football was the source of many arguments on what to watch on TV.  So much so that my mother bought a used Black and White and put it into my room!  Did that stop the arguments?  Somewhat, but the living room had color TV.  So the arguments continued.

My love of football had me wanting to go to see the SUPER BOWL!  It became a bucket list item.

My bucket has holes.

Hole number one.

I was living in South Central Louisiana the year of the Super Bowl Shuffle.  The Bears and the Patriots were playing just a few hours south of me and I thought about driving in New Orleans just to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere but I stayed home and watch it on TV as the bears destroyed the Patriots.

The next day I went to the radio station and the owner’s brother in law came in to say HI and then said “I almost called you Sunday morning.  I had a friend offer me 2 Super Bowl tickets but I didn’t think you would go”

I was nice and didn’t torture him or try to flush his head down the toilet, but I wanted too!

Hole number two

The cost of going to the Super Bowl continues to rise so much that you need a load to afford it.  I am not kidding.   Stubhub is offering loans so you can go to the big game. It won’t be cheap, with interest rates as high as 30-percent.  Factor that in with ticket prices. They range from 44-hundred to just over 16-thousand bucks a ticket. Stubhub is offering monthly installments spread over a year.

So February 2nd I will be sitting in my recliner with snacks at the ready with the 4k TV and sound bar ready to go.\

I might not be able to mark the Super Bowl off my bucket list but at least I can afford to buy a bucket!

Another bucket list item might be just one year away.  The internet is buzzing that coming up in April the WWE will announce the Wrestle Mania in 2021 will be in Las Vegas.   I need to start saving now.


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