Do you have a bucket list?

I don’t but I do.

Well now that I have you scratching your head here is why.

I don’t have a list of things I want to see or do before I assume room temperature but as I look back at my life I say


In a job like mine you get the chance to do things and meet people that you might not do in another job.

As I look back here are some of those moments

Standing in front of thousands of people and introducing legendary music acts.  I have had that privilege for REO, Night Ranger.  The Beach Boys and Styx all at the Cache Valley Cruise in.

My 1st time being on stage was in Alexandria La. I was asked to introduce The Oak Ridge Boys in Concert.  (We also we invited to a Birthday party back stage)

But a Bucket list item would be getting to introduce Charlie Daniels and also getting to meet him.   The Bucket was made even KOOLER when on stage and the spotlight hit me I couldn’t see but one person in the crowd.  I was my nephew Kelly that is a great memory

Other Bucket list items for me would include.  Being asked to be in the back of the Coca Cola Truck and announcing to the people that the Olympic torch was on its way.

I got to have a long phone conversation with Tommy Smothers who I have idolized all my life.  Tommy even asked me to check out a you tube video of he and Dick because they were considering reviving an old comedy bit and he wanted my opinion.

Being the in stadium announcer for the Utah State Aggie Football team for one season was awesome.  I decided I just didn’t have time to continue doing it.

Here are two very strange bucket list items that involve something that I have enjoyed since I was just a kid in Memphis Tn.  PRO WRESTLING

I was asked to be the ringside announcer at an event in LA.  I was sat at a table ringside and I mean at ringside The Million Dollar Man fell on the table and as he got up he stepped on my hand, Ouch!  And Shawn Michael’s wasn’t the heart break kid yet but in his match he was thrown into a ringside barrier which then whipped back into my back OUCH number two.   So if any of my friends who are Wrestlers.  I took some bumps.

The other Bucket list item came this week when I got to interview a legend in Pro Wrestling.  THE SUPERSTAR BILL DUNDEE.   Bill performed mainly in the Memphis territory, He and Jerry the King Lawler were two of the biggest celebrities in Memphis.

He wrestled with or against the best.  Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin the Road Warriors and more.  At the age of 75 he works out every day and still gets into the squared circle.

My interview with Bill is part of the pod cast I do with two friends.  Zane Petersen and Chris Evans.  The podcast is Turnbuckle Trash and there is a link on this website.  Or get it on Cast box.

So as I look back at my life I can honestly say I do and don’t have a bucket list.  But if I did I would have one item on there and that is getting to meet Gladys Knight.

Today on the morning show.  Thor vs the Hulk and a Deer Valley lawsuit.

Stupid news:  A weapon of choice, and I am such a juvenile

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