I admit it I was not a great student. There are plenty of excuses I could bore you with but let’s leave that for another day and just say I was not a good student.

I can see my sister Judy right now saying.  You didn’t apply yourself and I didn’t.  It was not the teachers fault because I have the utmost respect for teachers.

Boy I better have said that with my sister and cousin both retired teachers (and great ones at that) and my best friend who still drives over and hour a day sun, rain, snow, ice to teach.  He will retire after this year.

I would like to say to have the discipline to complete schooling just to be a teacher is not something that was ever in me.

Some people can name their favorite teachers and honestly I can only remember the name of one of my teachers and she was great.  Miss Townsend, taught me a math class and an English class.   Her class was one of the few I would ever feel comfortable enough to be myself.  Miss Townsend would even tolerate me giving my answers in math class with my best Paul Lynda impression.   But the most important thing about Miss Townsend taught me was that she cared about me and her students.   She was a great teacher:

But my first teacher crush came not from a teacher at my school.  It was from TV. (Originally a movie short)  Her name Miss Crabtree from the little Rascals.

How could a young kid not fall in love with Miss Crabtree?  Here is my favorite Little Rascal’s short which stars Miss Crabtree.


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