July 20th 1969 and Neil Armstrong was about to make history with man’s first step on the moon.


Most of the world was watching and I was too thanks to a very kind neighbor.

As you know I grew up in a loving household but a household supported by a single mom who did her best and sometimes things had to wait.   Like fixing the TV when it was broken and yep ours was not working in July of 1969.  We just did not have the money to get it fixed.  I was disappointed for sure just hoping a friend would ask me to come over to his house to watch.

Well the house turn out to be MR. HOUSE.  One of my friends was named Johnny House and I guess Johnny told his dad that our TV was not working at the time.  Mr. House came to my house and asked my mom if he could see if he could repair it.  He found the problem and went to a store to buy some parts and got it working.  The landing was watched on television by an estimated 600 million people.

As today as we look back at the historic day that Neil Armstrong took that one small step.  I want to thank a man who took a giant step of kindness for my family.


Here are some things you might not have known.

Neil Armstrong carried with him a piece of wood from an airplane that belonged to the Wright Brothers.

If Apollo 11 had failed, President Nixon had a speech ready.

The astronauts left pictures of human beings and the recordings of many languages on the moon’s surface.

The astronauts landed with only about 15 seconds of fuel to spare.

Today on the morning show The P.C. crowd and a salute to ICE CREAM

Stupid news a huge fight in Florida and the Strom Area 51 crusade is crushed

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