APRIL 29TH 2016




As you probably know I had a total knee replacement on March 22nd.    I would like to thank you all for the kind words and the good wishes over the last 5 weeks.

It wasn’t easy, because of a previous illness I became ill while at the hospital and my 1 week stay expanded to 2 and a half weeks.   To show you how sick I was, I lost 36 pounds in 12 days!  But with the great care I received at Logan Regional I started feeling a lot better.

Just as a note.  I need to thank my Dr’s- the nurses and the staff at Logan Regional who were so professional with my care.   It is not easy to be as ill as I was and have to have people take care of me the way they did.   So once again I say thanks.

As my stay at the hospital was extended it started getting around that the Dave Denton in the room was the Dave Denton who is on the radio and the staff had so many kind words about what we do here at KOOL.  But I did receive did one huge question


Yes, I was in the hospital when the movie opened but on April 23rd with my walking cane in hand and my wife by my side, I finally got to see a movie I had been waiting for.  So what did I think………I LOVED IT!

Here’s why,  I went to the movie with no expectation, I knew it had gotten mixed reviews at best and I had talked with some who didn’t like and some who did.   So with that in mind I just went to the movie with an open mind and thought it told a story that I knew the D.C. comic hero’s would be proud of.    Batman and Superman have a had a trust issue for years in the comic books and the movie showed why.


Was it the best movie?   Not really but I thought it was really good.   Different from the Marvel comic movies, who mix in a lot of humor in the films.  Let me say this,  I can’t wait for Captain America, Civil War  which opens May 6th.

I have read several of the comic’s dealing with that story line and they pose some great questions?    I am sure the movie will not be able to use the complete story arc but I am looking forward to it.

As a final thought FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is Saturday May 7th.  Today’s comic’s run the gamit from great books for kids to story lines from sci- fi and more adult story lines.   I guess this is my 2nd child hood.

I just want to again say thanks to my co- workers here at the Cache Media Group for picking up the slack while a I was away.

Here are some of the fun things we did this week


Thanks for listening