As I was preparing for the Friday morning show on KOOL 103.9 I came across this about our favorite foods in each state, now this study comes from PLAYBOY but let me tell you I didn’t find it there. We all have websites we visit every day and that is the same here at KOOL 103.9. It is a site radio DJ’s all over the world use and that’s where I found it minus a Centerfold.


That reminds me that the Centerfold of June 1978 went to my high school in Memphis. I did not know her but did know her brother well. She was the head Cheerleader at my school when I was in the 10th grade. Let’s just say when I hear the song Centerfold by J. Giles it takes on a whole new meaning.
The Playboy article asked people in each state what the “signature food” was for their state. In Utah it wasn’t Green Jell-O with carrots, it wasn’t Dutch oven Chicken it was “FRY SAUCE” I love fry sauce and when I go to a local restaurant I always enjoy the spin they put in there “FRY SAUCE” From a hint of BBQ to pickle relish it is all good.
That made me think of all the places I have lived in my life and all the great regional foods I have had the pleasure of eating. I grew up in Memphis Tn and that means BBQ, lots of pulled pork sandwiches with Cole slaw on top.
I moved to Idaho for college (Ricks) and ate more potatoes than I ever have in my life and it was there I was spoiled—NO MORE INSTANT MASHED FOR ME”
I lived for a short time in South Arkansas and the BBQ chicken was incredible. However on little BBQ place used to sell a BBQ chicken sandwich with 2 slices of white bread with a Chicken leg or wing and I mean BONE IN. Yep, it was not a chicken meat sandwich it was a piece of Chicken on bread. I ate more pulled pork there.
I tell people I was skinny before living in Louisiana – not really but man the food was awesome! I grew to love Crawfish – boiled, fried, ettofuee if it was crawfish I wanted to eat it. The only thing I didn’t enjoy in Cajun country was when someone came to the radio station with BEEF TOUNGE! YUCK, I just couldn’t get past the way it looked and told my co-workers that I wasn’t going to eat anything that could lick my stomach. Oh yeah, squirrel brains were not on my to eat list. But alligator, and Gar fish were.
I lived in Missouri for 7 years and even though the food was mostly bland compared to the Cajun foods I loved. The good people of the Show Me State knew there around pork. Pork steaks on a grill became a favorite and the Brats at Bush Stadium were the best. And a trip to St Louis wasn’t complete without a stop at Ted Drew’s on Rt 66 for the best Ice Cream EVER!
I moved to Utah 20 years ago and Fry sauce was an immediate favorite! Dutch oven Cobbler, Chicken, and Potatoes you bet I am there. But I must admit the Jell-O salad with carrots not a favorite of mine.
My love of food has led to my struggles with weight but as I age I find myself enjoying my veggies more. Who knows even the I might even grow to like Jell-O and Carrots!
Well it’s time for a snack, any suggestions