I have a love hate relationship with my alarm clock.   Some mornings that buzzing sound goes off and reminds me that I get to come to KOOL 103.9 and play radio.   But there are times when that buzzer goes off and I think ALARM CLOCKS ARE EVIL!

Alarm clocks have changed yet remain the same, wind up, electric, battery operated and now you can set your phone to wake you up or your smart speaker too.

I used and wind up alarm for years until one night watching Monday night Football when The St Louis football Cardinals  (now Arizona )were playing The San Diego Chargers ( now the L.A.. Chargers).   I had to get up early on Tuesday morning and as the game wound down I was winding up my alarm clock and the Chargers kicked a long last second field goal to be my favorite team.   Without thinking, I do that a lot, I slammed the alarm on my desk!  I shattered, and it cut my hand in several places.    The alarm clock got it’s revenge!

It’s a love hate relationship for sure, especially at 4:30 am!



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