All my life I have had a love hate relationship with politics.  Or should I say a love hate relationship with the election process.

When I was a kid I really enjoyed watching the news and observing the political process.  But things have changed over the years.  Maybe I just get tired of excuse me for saying this ‘POLITICAL B.S.”


On my recent vacation to Laughlin Nevada, I was watching a TV program in my room when I noticed a lot of political ads that proved my point.  All but one of the ads were negative about the other side, and since I do not know what parties were affiliated with the political ads.

Slam this issue, slam this vanadate, do some name calling but there was no substance to say “Hey this is what I stand for and why”

 All but one ad.  No mention of how bad the other vanadate was.   The ad took time to tell how he would vote on issues and why he was running.   I don’t remember him even saying the others name. I found that refreshing and it left me with a positive impression of the candidate.   


So if I have this love hate relationship with politics why am I writing this blog because this morning I came across a survey on the PR news wire?  Here are some of the hi-lites  

87% of people said they think this is the most divided the country has been in their lifetime.  So almost 9 in 10 people agree with that.

That just makes me sad, and I think we can place at least part of the blame on social media.  Sitting behind a keyboard and posting opinions and being cruel in your comments to those you disagree with.  It has happened to me so I just avoid politics on social media.  To paraphrase


But the survey had some good news most of us think we CAN get through it.  77% of people said they think we can still overcome our differences and come together as a country.

Here are three more stats that DO make it seem more possible than you might think . . .

  1. Only 14% of Americans fall into the categories of EXTREME left or right.  8% are extremely liberal . . . 6% are extremely conservative . . . everyone else falls somewhere in the middle.  I am proud to say I consider myself a middle kind of guy.

Think about this, I believe it is the EXTREME that seems to define our differences.  Any issue, any group of people, the extreme defines,

  1. Most of us don’t disagree on everything.  For example, 82% of people in the poll said they think the country still has a serious problem with racism.  But 80% ALSO agreed that political correctness is out of control. So don’t assume every opinion someone has fits the “left” or “right” stereotype.  There’s a lot of overlap.

I see stories or read thing about the PC police that just make me scratch my head.  Ron Darling an announcer for major league baseball used a very common terms to describe a weakness in a players game.  Some people got angry and demanded an apology.  Look it up it was stupid and those who raised such a stink about it need to apologize to Ron Darling…  Remember words can have 2 sometimes more meanings and this was the situation

  1. Two-thirds of us think compromise is necessary.  And when you remove the “extreme” people on each side, more than half of voters think BOTH parties are responsible for how divided we’ve become.

Amen to that.  I want you to know I support the right to disagree.  I have no problem with someone who is passionate about an issue to fully support and defend it.  But when the debate gets personal, that is when I draw the line in the sand.

Grow up, and understand that not everyone agrees with you or me. (But I think you should agree with me!  LOL)  Enjoy your life and instead of looking for things to disagree on how about we focus on what makes us the same and work to understand why we have some things we disagree on.

Agree or disagree that’s Ok with me.  Let’s do lunch and celebrate our lives!

In the past I have ended my radio show with this silly saying.

The comments heard in the previous program are not necessarily those of an intelligent human being.


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