I have a love hate relationship with winter.   Yes you can both love and hate winter.  Growing up in Memphis we would get snow about once or twice a year.  Sometimes a lot of snow.  I remember a few times we had over a foot of snow.   Of course when it did snow I was around the radio waiting for that announcement about a snow day.  Something I have only done on the air once or twice since I have lived in Logan.

When I was in Missouri on the radio there was a day when it snowed just a little and I knew the kids were gathered around waiting for me to make that announcement all kids want to hear ‘SNOW DAY” But on this day it was school as usual and I was really on the kids to get ready for school and talking about how parents were celebrating.   Later that day a friend called and told me about her little girl who was listening to me to here if school would be held.  The mom said as I was kidding the kids about going to school this sweet little girl looked at the radio and said ‘SHUT UP DAVE’

Why I love winter:  Nothing like seeing a fresh snow fall before anyone has walked on it or plowed.  It is an awe inspiring site.  I kind of like it cold.   My wife thinks I am pretty strange when we are walking on a cold winter morning and I breath in the cold air and say “ I Love this air it makes my nose hairs freeze”  weird right.  But I do love the sensation of the cold air in my sinuses.    I like wearing a jacket to stay warm.  I like a foggy cold morning when the fog blankets the fences and tree in a white powder.

Why I hate winter:  I hate driving on slick roads.  Black Ice is not fun.  .  When it is cold and you wear a jacket and leave it at work because it warmed up during the day.  I hate the taste of Chap Stick!  The sun goes down at 5pm and because of that it seems really late to me when it is only 6:30pm.  Filthy snow, you know the kind of snow that gets all black and dirty on the area’s where it was plowed.  Winter colds and flu, make you feel awful.   I have a pretty bad cold right now and I fear I will lose my voice.  Not a good thing for a radio guy.   But the thing I hate about winter the most is INVERSION.   I know I am preaching to the choir but Inversions are depressing and breathing is usually a good thing but not in an Inversion.

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And that’s why I have a love hate relationship with winter

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