Sunday is National Potato Day!



Like most kids I was a picky eater and that drove my Mom bonkers.   She would say, “You are just like your Dad, a meat and potatoes man”.   Yep I basically would only eat meat and potatoes along with bread as a young kid.   But my Mom was a tricky woman.  MOM LIED TO ME!

I remember when she put something on my plate and said they were little potatoes.   I gobbled them up and YUM!   Those tasty little morsels were on my plate quite often after that.   But wait!   THOSE AREN’T POTATOES!  They were Hominy.  I had to look it up today to find out what Hominy is.  According to my Google search Hominy is a food produced from dried maize kernels that have treated with an alkali, in a process called nixtamalzation.   In other words I still don’t know what it is but I know you can buy it and because of the lie my Mom told me it opened the door to eating veggies.   Except Brussel Sprouts they still suck!

When I graduated from high school I left for more education and potatoes in Rexburg Idaho.  I lived in the dorms and ate my foods at the cafeteria where we had potatoes every meal.  Idaho potatoes every meal, who would have thunk it!

I remember during potato harvest how the high school student would get out for potato harvest.  Sometimes during the harvest you would see where the trucks would lose some of their load and it was not uncommon to see people stopping to pick up the scrapes.   Of course I would not have done that!  NOOOOOOO! Not me!

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When I was in Missouri I had a listener get upset with me because I had been to  a pot luck dinner where someone had brought  an tasty potato dish and I was talking about it on the air the next morning wanting to know who had brought the  dish and I called them Funeral Potatoes.   The phone lit up with a woman upset that I would make fun of Funeral’s.   I calmed her down when I told her that in Utah the dish was at almost every Funeral and it was common to call the Funeral potatoes and I just didn’t know what else to call them.

I also had people look at me at a restaurant and would make my own Fry Sauce!   I cannot tell you how many times I would dip a fry and try to get someone to just try one.  BUT NOOOOOO!  They would rather dip there fries in Ketchup or even in a Wendy’s Frosty.  Ketchup yes!  But a Frosty?  I tried it once, and only once.

So on Sunday August 19th it Hash browns for Breakfast, Mashed at lunch and dinner a big old Idaho Russet baked with butter, butter and more butter!  Don’t forget to eat the skin!

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