Of course my mom liked me best, I was the youngest and a baby boy in house full of women.  (I had an older Brother Sammy who died shortly after birth)  On top of that I was so dang cute.

My sisters might disagree, but I don’t think there were favorites in our house after my father died when I was four years old.

My Mom had 5 kids to take care of with little education and being 2 hours away from her family.  She went back to school became a Nurse and even thought we had to scrape by we didn’t want for anything but a little more money, which mom would find ways to do with her talent in arts and crafts.

Gingerbread houses, Wedding Albums, Ragady Anne and Andy Dolls.  My mother had a creative talent and she love us kids.

I only remember one time Mom got really upset with me I mean really mad, but I don’t remember ever being spanked and back then it was a common practice.   The worst punishment my Mother could give me was saying ‘I AM DISAPPOINTED IN YOU”

I hope that today my mom would not be disappointed in me.  I tell everyone that even though at times I struggled and had every opportunity of becoming a far different man than I am today.

Things my mom taught me!

BE honest, don’t be mean to others, and be polite.  Be courteous, Control my temper, How to cook no drop oatmeal cookies, and brownies!


TO PUT THE SEAT BACK DOWN!  Most of the time

One more thought about my mom.   You might have read it this week in a memory my Sister Judy shared on our Facebook page about Tab Soda

For years our Saturday morning routine would me trying to watch Superman and Cartoons.  When Mom was ready to start her day you would hear her proclaim in a loud menacing tone (as menacing as she got) ‘YOU KIDS GET AND CLEAN UP THIS FILTHY HOUSE!   I’M GOING TO DORSETS.

Dorset’s was a small family run grocery store the kind you rarely see anymore.  Mom would go there to get groceries and spend two hour talking with Mrs. Dorset while drinking a Tab and eating a Honey Bun.   That was her escape from the realities she had to face every day, how to raise 5 kids alone on an LPN salary.   She did and did it well!  At least that’s what I think and you know I am the youngest and MOM LIKED ME BEST!

Here are some Mothers day’s fact that I found interesting if you’re going out to a restaurant for Mother’s Day and don’t have a reservation yet, you might want to get on that.  Or plan to wait 90 minutes for a table.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 34% of us are planning to dine out for Mother’s Day this weekend.  That’s about 87 MILLION people.

But if you can’t get to a sit down try some fast food Derwinersnitzel is giving Mom’s a Chili dog meal for free on Sunday.  Nothing say I love you mom that a CHILI DOG!

34% said they’re doing a home-cooked meal.  8% are getting takeout or delivery.

If you’re getting Mom a card for Mother’s Day, don’t use these

Mom, I’d love to take you out to an expensive dinner . . . but I’m broke, so here’s a fidget spinner.

I’m so grateful for all of the good times we’ve spent . . . I just have one question: Can you cover my rent?

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