Of course my blog post today involves Easter!  My best memory of Easter involves my Mother, fish and Chips and George Carlin.  A strange combination for sure but there is a KOOL story behind it.

We struggled financially while I was growing up.  My mother did an awesome job keeping my sisters and I fed with a roof over our heads.  There was a tradition at our home ever Easter mom would by us all new Sunday clothes.  I would usually get a suit jacket or sweater and shoes.

This particular Easter season a lot of financial setbacks had hit our family.   My sister were all gone from the home but money was tight.  So my mother came up to me and said sadly. “I know it is Easter and you usually get some nice clothes to war on Sunday, but we don’t have much money so if it is OK can I take you to lunch and buy you and Album to listen to”   I of course said No problem mom,  ( I mean food and an Album too, SCORE)

The Easter holiday arrived and on Saturday my mother and I went out together.   As we shopped for my album I chose a comedy album by George Carlin name AF FM.  Next up where to eat, I didn’t want a burger so I chose Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips.  I was near our home so take out it was.

I asked my mom if she wanted to listen to the Album while eating.  Now mom and I knew who George Carlin mainly from the Ed Sullivan show and several appearances on variety of other shows.  I put the record on and chose the FM side of the AM FM LP.  As the needle dropped the 1st words that came out where “I was fired from the Frontier Hotel in Vegas for saying *&^% in a town where biggest game in town is called craps!  Fly some Texan in free fire me &^%$!

That did not go over well with mom, who saying we are returning it.  I started defending myself that I did not know.  That is the truth!   A small argument between my mom and I broke out and eventually I got to keep the album!  By the way AM side was very clean humor.

In a way that Easter led to me being on the radio!  WHAT? George had a routine on the LP about being a radio DJ at WINO wonder wine –o radio.   I found myself learning the routine and telling it to my friends who encouraged me to try radio when my High school offered it.

Every time I listen to Carlin or eat Fish and Chips I think of Mom..


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