I won’t bore you with a lot of vacation photos.

Ok just one.  Me in our room at the Aquarius in Laughlin overlooking the Colorado River.

Ok one more

Promise this is the last one:  Sunrise!

My wife and I love to vacation in Laughlin NV.  I have been told I need to be part of the Chamber of Commerce because I have been there so many times and keep going back year after year.  Not fast paced like Vegas but none of the sleaze either.

We took off Monday morning September 17th ready for our 9 hour drive.   Of course me being “The Man” I reminded my wife to make sure she went to the bathroom because I only wanted to stop for gas and snacks.    That is the man in me coming out.  Well in a short time other things were ready to come out.  IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

We pulled off at the Lehi exit and made the obligatory comment about how Kevin Bacon would not recognize the place where they filmed “FOOTLOOSE”.

More Bacon on the way, after having more pit stops for me not my wife or Mother –in –Law, even one just off an exit on I-15 were “Nature was calling and my call waiting was not working”  We finally made it to Laughlin and vacation time began.

The trip was pretty great but some strange things, unusual things happened.   In central Utah the check engine light came on.   I forgot to get an oil change and we needed it, according to the computer system.  So on Tuesday morning I went to get an oil change while I was on vacation.  IT WAS 106 DEGREES! AT NOON!

There are some advantages to traveling with my wife and Mother –in –Law.  Bacon!  We would go to breakfast and Mom and Teresa would both order a plate with Bacon and neither one really like it so I GOT THE BACON!  More bacon soon.

So the café at the hotel was very good but on Tuesday I asked for a large glass of Chocolate milk and I was told they were out of Chocolate syrup (GASP).  Wednesday morning they had syrup (YES) but the waitress apologized because they were out of Parsley.  WHAT!  ‘OH THE HUMANITY’. How do you run out of parsley?  Just before breakfast I said the Teresa “I think I will order extra parsley today” Really who cares, it is a garnish, but I got a big fat Blackberry instead.  Better than eating that grass.  Oh and speaking of grass they could have gone across the street to get some funny little green leaves at the legal Marijuana store.  Oh Nevada.

Wednesday we made our way to Boulder City and Henderson NV, to do some shopping at a Metal arts store a comic book store and a staple of visiting Vegas a couple of Thrift stores.    I was HOT and I got a little thirsty so for lunch I re hydrated to the tune of 7 large glasses of Diet Pepsi, and 3 glasses of water, I could have drank more.

They say “It’s a dry heat, but hot is hot and I don’t enjoy hot so I was thirsty!   Several years ago at the RIO the waiter asked if he could hook up an I.V. for the soda machine.

Friday we took off for our trip home stopping in Cedar City Holiday inn express.  Saturday morning I put on my Bacon pants (see pic) the waitress and cook loved my pants but told me Bacon was not on the menu on Saturday morning.  Then the chef asked if I would like Bacon.   Asking me if I want bacon is just silly.   A few minutes later she comes in with a plate full of Bacon!


So to sum up my trip to Nevada where the bright lights of the Casino’s draw in gamblers from all over the world to try to win a fortune!  What do I win “BACON” Yes you can go to Vegas and come back a winner.

Today on the morning show: Inside edition becomes part of the story.  The big bang theory starts its final season tonight.

Stupid news: if they didn’t want it stolen why did they leave it unlocked?

Laff lines:  Old couples